How geometric AI techniques can be used to alleviate cybersickness

360° VR experiences can transport you anywhere in the world. [Photo by Minh Pham on Unsplash]

Today’s 360° virtual reality (VR) experiences have great potential, allowing you to be transported anywhere in the world. They are photo-realistic and relatively easy and cheap to acquire — requiring only an off-the-shelf 360° camera — but they lack immersion and interactivity. Critically, this lack of interactivity can also induce cybersickness for many users.

3 DOF vs 6 DOF

While 360˚ VR experiences allow you to look around in all directions, with current technology you cannot move about in the virtual environment. For example, you can’t walk around or lean forward to take a closer look at something.

Since 360° content is captured from a…

Office Hours

How to ace your PhD application interview and land that dream PhD position.

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

It’s that time of year when prospective PhD students are interviewing for PhD positions to start next academic year. Over the past week I’ve interviewed around 40 prospective students. Every year the calibre of applicants just seems to get better and better. I’m continually amazed by all of the cool things students have been doing, not only as part of their degrees but beyond as well. That said, don’t let the high standards put you off. If you’re invited to interview then you’re one of these students too!

Here are a few tips to ace your PhD application interview. My…

Thoughts and Theory

Harnessing symmetry in machine learning

This blog post was co-authored with Oliver Cobb from Kagenova.

Symmetries of a snowflake. [Photo by Damian McCoig on Unsplash]

Rapid progress has been made in machine learning over the past decade, particularly for problems involving complex high dimensional data, such as those in computer vision or natural language processing. However, a common criticism of machine intelligence when compared…

Jason McEwen

Professor of Astrostatistics, UCL | Founder & CEO, Kagenova

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